WSJ: Women in Iran Mount Protest Against Bicycling Ban

Published on Sep 23, 2016

Iranian women have taken to their bicycles to oppose a religious ruling banning them from riding in public places. The unexpected ”fatwa,” or religious ruling, by the country’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, says a woman riding a bicycle not only attracts the attention of men, but also ”exposes the society to sedition.” Photo: Facebook/My Stealthy Freedom

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Den verkliga ondskan i Charlotte

Protest Thugs and the Real Evil in Charlotte, Front Page Magazine, Daniel Greenfield, September 23, 2016


Keith Lamont Scott was scum.

He had been convicted of assault with a deadly weapon in two different states and convicted of assault in three states. He had been hit with “assault with intent to kill” charges in the 90s. His record of virtue included “assault on a child under 12” and “assault on a female.”

The media spin; “Family and neighbors call Scott a quiet ‘family man.’”

Nothing says “quiet” like “assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill” and nothing says “family man” like assaulting women and children.

Keith Lamont Scott, the latest martyr of Black Lives Matter and its media propaganda corps, was shot while waving a gun around. He had spent 7 years in jail for “aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.”

This vicious monster’s career of crime ended when he was shot by Brentley Vinson, an African-American police officer, protecting himself from the latest rampage by this “quiet family man.”

Brentley Vinson is everything that Scott isn’t. The son of a police officer, Brentley dreamed of following in his father’s footsteps. He used to organize his football team’s bible studies and mentored younger players. Former teammates describe him as a “great guy” with “good morals.” His former coach calls him a “natural leader” and says that, “We need more Brent Vinsons… in our communities.”

Except that Obama, Black Lives Matter, the media, the NAACP and everyone else going after this bright and decent African-American officer has decided that what we really need are more Keith Lamont Scotts. And the streets of Charlotte are full of “Scotts” throwing rocks at police, assaulting reporters and wrecking everything in sight in marches that are as “peaceful” as Scott was a “quiet family man.”

That’s what Hillary Clinton wanted when she tweeted that, “We have two names to add to a long list of African-Americans killed by police officers. It’s unbearable, and it needs to become intolerable.”

What exactly should be intolerable? An African-American police officer defending his life against a violent criminal who happened to be black? Should black criminals enjoy a special immunity? The greatest victims of black criminals are black communities.

Whom does Hillary Clinton imagine she’s helping here? Instead of standing with heroic African-American police officers like Vinson, she’s championing criminal scum like Scott.

Tim Kaine, Hillary’s No. 2, wants us to think about Scott’s family. We should do that. Scott’s brother announced on camera that all “white people” are “devils.” Timmy should check to see if he can get an exemption from white devildom.  But if there are any white devils, it’s men like Kaine and women like Hillary who enable the worst behavior in a troubled community while punishing those who try to help.

Every time the lie about “peaceful” protests is repeated, another black community becomes unlivable.

Twenty police officers have been injured and National Guard troops have arrived to deal with all those “peaceful” protests. Protesters chanted, “Black Lives Matter” and “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” before throwing things at police and then peacefully shooting each other. Stores had their windows broken and decorated with Black Lives Matter graffiti. A Walmart was peacefully looted and trucks were torched.

A police officer was peacefully hit by a car. Another was peacefully hit in the face with a rock. Mobs besieged and attempted to break into hotels. Reporters were attacked and a photographer was nearly thrown into a fire. White people were targeted by the racist Black Lives Matter mob and assaulted.

But all these peaceful rioters are probably just quiet family men too.

The peaceful protests are as big a lie as the “bookish” Keith Lamont Scott reading a book in his car. Police had no trouble finding a gun. They couldn’t have found Scott anywhere near a book. The only thing he could have done with a book is try to beat someone to death with it. Maybe a child.

Scott wasn’t a quiet family man; he was a violent criminal with a horrifying vicious streak. He and the rest of the Black Lives Matter rioters remind us of the monsters that we need dedicated police officers to protect us from.

The spin on what happened between a deranged black criminal and a courageous black police officer fell apart as fast as the Freddie Gray case, where black police officers were targeted and a city terrorized over conspiracy theories relating to the accidental death of a drug dealer.

The claims of racism are absurd. Not only was Scott shot by an African-American police officer, but Charlotte Police Chief Kerr Putney, who has taken the lead in defending him, is also African-American.

Are we supposed to believe that an African-American police officer and an African-American police chief are racists or that these two black men took the lead in a genocidal conspiracy to kill black men?

That’s the laughable premise of the racist Black Lives Matter hatefest that alternates between “Stop killing us” street theater and violent assaults on police officers, reporters and anyone in the area.

But the truth doesn’t matter. Black Lives Matter rioters are still chanting, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” long after the Michael Brown lie fell apart. They’re holding up signs reading, “It Was a Book.”  The lie is backed by some of the biggest media corporations in the country, by $130 million from George Soros and the Ford Foundation, by Barack Hussein Obama and by Hillary Clinton.

These are the malign forces destroying Charlotte, as they trashed Baltimore. On the ground there are the vulture community organizers of Black Lives Matter, funded by the left, who parachute in to organize race riots, behind them are the reporters who sell the spin live on the air and the photographers who capture glamor shots of the racist rioters, and after them come the lawyers of the DOJ out to ruin, terrorize and intimidate whatever law enforcement survived the riots.

They did it in Ferguson and a dozen other places. Now they want to do it in Charlotte.

They want to do it because they hate white people and black people. They hate peace and decency. They hate the idea of people getting up in the morning and working for a living. They hate the idea of good officers, white and black men and women, like Brentley Vinson, who genuinely believe in doing the right thing. They want unearned power. They demand unearned wealth. And they thrive on destruction.

This is the real evil in Charlotte. And we need to stand up to it. From the ghetto to the manors of the liberal elite from burning cars to pricey restaurants in exclusive neighborhoods, it plots against us.

It is a lie repeated a million times. Sometimes the lie is simple. Other times it’s sophisticated. But the way to fight it is to begin with the truth.

The truth is that Keith Lamont Scott was a violent criminal who came to a bad end because of his own actions. Just like Michael Brown, Freddie Gray and too many other Black Lives Matter martyrs to count.

The truth is that everything Black Lives Matter does reminds us of why we need police officers.

The truth is that this is not about race, but about those who want to build and those who want to destroy. It’s about the difference between Brentley Vinson and Keith Lamont Scott.

It’s about what kind of country we want to be. Is it a country that celebrates a young black football player who chose to follow in his father’s footsteps, who organized bible study and helped others, who risked his life to keep other people safe. Or is it one that celebrates Keith Lamont Scott, who assaulted a woman, a child and anyone else he could get at, who terrorized three states and died as he lived.

Obama and the left want a nation of Keith Lamont Scotts. But now it’s our turn to choose.

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Den sprängfulla Mohammed kliver på – han är redan här


Islam är en sprängande religion

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Turken och islamisten(?) Arcan Cetin gripen misstänkt för att ha mördat fem i Seattle, Washington

Arcan Cetin: Did Cascade Mall Suspect Support Hillary Clinton & ISIS?

Arcan Cetin

The Cascade Mall shooter has now been officially named by police as Arcan Cetin. This photo is from Arcan Cetin’s Facebook profile page. (Facebook/Arcan Cetin)

Was Arcan Cetin, identified by police as the mass shooter at the Cascade Mall, a Hillary Clinton supporter? Did he support ISIS?

Read on, and draw your own conclusion from the evidence we know now.

Cetin was arrested on September 24 and is accused in the mass murder of five people in the Macy’s store at Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington. It’s also been revealed that, although Cetin was widely described as Hispanic in the media when he was not yet identified by name, his Facebook page says he is from Turkey. And a Tumblr page in his name contains references to the phrase “Subhan Allah,” which means Glory be to God, as well as comments about serial killers.

Arcan Cetin

A screenshot of the alleged gunman’s Facebook page. Although media reports described him as Hispanic, his page says he is originally from Turkey. (Facebook/Arcan Cetin)

What’s the evidence that he took a side in the upcoming presidential election, though?

A Twitter page in Cetin’s name (identified as his page by the New York Times) contains this 2015 post:


In another post on Twitter, Cetin suggested Hillary Clinton should be on the new $10 bill. However, he also included Hitler’s wife in that list.


However, a woman has tweeted that the voting comment was a sarcastic response to a football game.

She claims he was actually a conservative and a member of a rifle club and ROTC. She writes that the Hillary Clinton comment related to a Green Bay Packers/Seattle Seahawks game. She has also posted political commentary of her own as well as a post that Cetin made wishing people a Merry Christmas. Asked whether she actually knew Cetin, though, she responded “not at all.”

The Tumbler page is in the name of Arcan Cetin. It contains the exact same photo of Cetin that appears on the Twitter page in Cetin’s name; the latter Twitter page was identified by the New York Times as the alleged mall gunman’s Twitter page. The URL of the Tumblr site contains the words “arcanmotherrussiavodkaak47.” The Facebook page of the alleged gunman, identified as his by the Times and many other media outlets, contains numerous references by friends to his purported fascination with guns and Russia.

On the Tumblr page, a post contains a reference to Allah and a person who responds uses the word Jannah, which is the term for the Muslim paradise.

arcan cetin

A screenshot of a post on the Tumblr page in the name of Arcan Cetin.

The page also contains references to Ted Bundy, a gun show, and Adolph Hitler.

This is the photo that was posted both on the Twitter page and the Tumblr page. It’s the one on the top right, and it appears to be from a set of photos. Cetin’s post on Twitter indicates that it was taken in 2014:

Here’s the same photo as it appeared on the Tumblr page (middle picture):

Under the photo on Tumblr, there is this comment, “meowfraulein I’m cute plez say yez jk.” Meowfraulein is another Tumblr page. It bears this photo, as well as one of a Supreme Leader of Iran and a Julian Assange book:


The above photo is of the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The comment under the post links back to the first Tumblr page bearing Cetin’s photo. In addition, the profile picture on the meowfraulein Tumblr page appears in the set of photos on the Arcan Cetin Tumblr page – in the same set as the photo that also appears on the Twitter page.

The profile picture on the meowfraulein Tumblr page.

The profile picture on the meowfraulein Tumblr page.

The meowfraulein page also contains this picture:


Cetin also wrote on Twitter:

He did give a shout-out to ROTC friends on Twitter:

A friend on Facebook wrote, “TBH: Cetin, you are hilarious bro😀 It’s guys like you that make me love rotc.” Another friend wrote, “Truth is you are pretty good at rifle team but I think if I join I could do better Jk. Haha.”

arcan cetin

Police released this photo on Twitter after capturing the alleged gunman. They wrote: “OFFICIAL: Here is a DOL photo of the suspect: Arcan Cetin, 20-yr-old Oak Harbor resident.” (Facebook/Arcan Cetin)

Another friend wrote on Cetin’s Facebook page in 2012, “You remind me of Wrath, cuz you know a lot about weapons and stuff, and I can imagine you taking out a lot of soldiers by yourself. :o”

Another friend mentioned black ops conversations in math class: “Truth is…You are hilarious! I miss having math class with you and we would talk about black ops! :)”

Most of Cetin’s public posts on social media don’t appear to be political in nature outside the above, although friends wrote that he had a strange affection for Russia.

“Lol to be honest, I kind of miss your russian accent, even though you’re not russian,” one friend wrote on Cetin’s Facebook page in 2012.

He wrote a comment under a man’s letter to a local newspaper. The letter writer was supporting President Obama and the Democratic agenda, and Cetin wrote in response, “Sounds like communism to me.”

In one Facebook message on his page, though, a friend wrote, “Truth is: You are a very odd character. You were always going on about being Russain and stuff like that, but under that you really supported America (or so it seemed to me) and I always thought that was really cool. Maybe we will have ROTC together again next year!😀 even if we don’t, try to keep up with the Mother Russia thing!”

Cetin responded: “haha thx im still goin at it. I have 1st period rotc.” Cetin even wrote a comment in Russian on his page.

The New York Daily News reported that Cetin “is a legal, permanent resident that lives in Oak Harbor.”

PHOTOS: Arcan Cetin, Cascade Mall Shooting Suspect in Burlington Washington

See photos of Arcan Cetin, the alleged gunman in the Cascade mall shooting in Burlington, Washington. The shooter killed five people in the Macy’s store at the mall.

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Arcan Cetin: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The suspect in the shooting deaths of five people in a mall in Washington state has been named.

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Curfew for migrants following sex attacks in Austrian town

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Palestinians: What do you think of atheists?

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Obama diskuterade under pseudonym via Hillarys privata server…

Source: FBI Dump Reveals Obama’s Pseudonym Use, Private Email Traffic with Hillary’s Private Email – Breitbart


The Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed Friday that President Barack Obama used a private email address and pseudonym to communicate with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary R. Clinton and her own private email account as early as June 2012.

Posted at the FBI’s Vault site, the revelation was part of a 189-page document dump of interview notes from conversations its agents conducted about how Clinton handled classified electronic correspondence, other documents, and her private email scheme during her tenure as secretary of State.

Clinton confidante Huma Abedin was interviewed April 5, 2016 in a meeting in the FBI’s Washington field office with FBI agents, her attorneys, and a representative from the Department of Justice’s Counterintelligence and Export Control Office.

During the interview Abedin was showed a June 28, 2012 email sent toClinton with the subject header “Re: Congratulations!

The Supreme Court ruled that day that the president’s landmark healthcare reform legislation, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, was not unconstitutional.

Abedin told the FBI she had no idea who the email’s sender was and when agents told her it was the president’s pseudonym, she exclaimed: “How is this not classified?”

The confidante also told the agents that the president’s official email account had filters, so that certain emails could not get through to him–which came to her attention because when the former first lady changed private email accounts, her emails were bounced from the president’s official email account.

In addition to the news that the president, like many other members of his administration, used a fake name and his own private email account, it also means that Obama’s public statements about Clinton’s email arrangement were contrary to his own working knowledge and experience.

Obama told CBS News March 7, 2015 that he did not know about Clinton’s private email while she was his secretary of state from Jan. 21, 2009 to Feb. 1, 2013.

Q: Mr. President, when did you first learn that Hillary Clinton used an email system outside the U.S. government for official business while she was secretary of state?

Obama: The same time everybody else learned it through news reports.

In March 2013, The Smoking Gun website posted an article describing Clinton’s private email scheme, but it was not until The New York Timesreported March 2, 2015 a full description of how Clinton used not only a private email address, but also a private server, and used this setup for all of her official electronic correspondence when she led State.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest walked back the president’s outright denial March 9:

The president was referring specifically to the arrangement associated with Secretary Clinton’s email. Yes, the president was aware of her email address. He traded emails with her. That shouldn’t be a surprise that the president of the United States is going to trade emails with the secretary of state. But the president was not aware of the fact that this was a personal email server and that this was the email address that she was using exclusively for all her business. The president was not aware of that until that had been more widely reported.

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