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En del stadsdelar i Jerusalem lever under konstant palestinsk beskjutning

Living under fire in Jerusalem neighborhood: “The children don’t go out to play”
The residents of the Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood in Jerusalem live under random gunfire from a nearby Palestinian refugee camp with no end in sight. One of the residents’ fears that this Silent Intifada will develop into mortar fire: “The children find bullets on the streets. The kindergartens are empty.”
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Firing at Pisgat Ze’ev Photo Credit: Channel 2 News
Although the wave of terror has died down in most of the country, the residents of Pisgat Ze’ev are still experiencing it every day. The shooting originates from the Shuafat Palestinian refugee camp and it frequently endangers the lives of the residents. Those who live on Eliyahu Meridor Street told Channel 2 News about the intolerable situation where the bullets penetrate into homes and cause harm. They state that the children are afraid to go outside and play in the parks.
Already in May 2015, Channel 2 News investigated the dangerous situation but the reality in the area demonstrates the existence of a Silent Intifada. Ofer Moha, a resident of the area, spoke with Channel 2 News about his feelings and the experiences of the families not living far away from Shuafat: “We didn’t know that we would be coming to a place where we are sitting ducks. Every Saturday, my children go out into the yard and collect bullets. It is sad.”

Moha spoke about an incident where shots were fired into his home: “My wife and I were sitting and watching television. Suddenly, we heard a knock of iron. All of the building went outside and shouted: ‘They are shooting at us. They are firing at the building.’ I went outside and I saw a bullet hole in the trashcan in the yard. If there was not the trashcan there, the bullet simply would have penetrated inside my house without any doubt.”

“Every night, there is massive fire from there between the weddings and the family feuds,” he recalled. “They have a reason to celebrate. It is an opportunity for a type of exploitation. If my daughter recounts that I go to the supermarket and come back with a bullet, then the gunfire is not random. It is a deliberate act. Stop saying random firing. It’s really not the case.”

“Why when there is a clan fight, Pisgat Ze’ev must participate in it,” Moha pondered. “After all of the clan fights and weddings, there is firing. How is it that my daughter and I find bullets? How it is that cars are harmed? How is it that on Friday night, my friend sits to eat dinner and suddenly he hears tin rattling? When he goes outside, he sees that his grill has been perforated.”

Moha sadly confessed that this is just the beginning and that mortars and heavy fire bombarding the neighborhood is only a matter of time: “I think they are trying to see until where they can stretch the rope. They see that they can stretch the line and the Police simply don’t do anything. When I reported to the Police that there was 50 minutes of shooting, only the day after the Police came to gather evidence, document it and here is how it ended. The firing returned.”

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Putin skall ta emot Netanyahu och Abbas i Moskva

Source: The Jewish Press » » Report: Putin to Host Netanyahu Abbas Summit in Moscow

Moscow’s Red Square / Photo credit: Vicente Villamón

Advanced talks have been conducted recently in preparation for a summit conference with Prime Minister Netanyahu and Chairman Abbas in Moscow this fall, according to the daily Yediot Aharonot. The paper reported on Monday that both PA and Israeli officials have confirmed that the summit is scheduled to take place in October or shortly thereafter, under the auspices of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Abbas has personally expressed his willingness, in principle, to partake in a Moscow summit. However, according to Yediot, the PA Chairman still insists that Israel first commit to freezing settlement construction and carry out the fourth phase of terrorist prisoners release which was halted when Secretary of State Kerry’s peace initiative collapsed in 2015. Abbas also insists on setting a specific date for the end of negotiations and for reaching a final agreement.

Political sources in Jerusalem have told Yediot that when Netanyahu and Putin spoke on the phone last week, the summit plan was part of their discussion. But they stress that the summit idea at this point is “mere speculation, it’s too soon.” Still, the same sources say Netanyahu is willing to meet with Abbas directly any time.

On Wednesday, August 17, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, Putin’s Special Representative for the Middle East and Africa, discussed prospects for advancing PA-Israel peace talks with Abbas in Amman, and delivered a personal message from Putin to Abbas. Since then, Bogdanov has met twice with the head of the PA mission in Moscow Faed Mustafa and with Israeli ambassador Zvi Hefetz. One of Bogdanov’s meetings with Hefetz was on August 24, the day of the Putin-Netanyahu phone conversation.

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Minst 75 Kurder dödade av Turkiet i Syrien

Up to 75 Kurds said killed in Turkish bombardment in Syria Scores reported injured in attacks on areas used by US-backed forces, as Ankara steps up its cross-border offensive

By Layal Abou Rahal and Stuart Williams

August 28, 2016, 11:54 am Updated: August 28, 2016, 2:55 pm

Source: Up to 75 Kurds said killed in Turkish bombardment in Syria | The Times of Israel

A Turkish army tank and an armored vehicle are stationed near the border with Syria, in Karkamis, Turkey, August. 23, 2016. (IHA via AP)

BEIRUT, Lebanon (AFP) — Turkish shelling and airstrikes killed at least 40 Syrians on Sunday, a monitor said, in the first significant civilian casualties in Turkey’s intensifying campaign in northern Syria.

Turkey’s state-run Anadolu news agency said the army had killed 25 Kurdish “terrorists” in airstrikes as part of its unprecedented operation inside Syria.

The bombardments came after Ankara suffered its first military fatality since it launched the two-pronged offensive against the Islamic State group and Syrian Kurdish militia inside Syria on Wednesday.

At least 20 civilians were killed and 50 wounded in Turkish artillery fire and airstrikes on the village of Jeb el-Kussa early on Sunday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said.

Another 20 were killed and 25 wounded, many seriously, in Turkish airstrikes near the town of Al-Amarneh, it said.

The monitor also said at least four Kurdish fighters had been killed and 15 injured in Turkish bombardment of the two areas.

A spokesman for the local Kurdish administration said 75 people had been killed in both villages.

The Britain-based Observatory said the bombardment targeted an area south of the former IS border stronghold of Jarabulus, which Turkish-led forces captured on the first day of the incursion.

Fighting has since intensified south of the town, where clashes erupted between Turkish troops and forces belonging to the Kurdish Democratic Union (PYD) party, which Ankara considers a terrorist group linked with Kurdish militants in Turkey.

US-backed Kurdish forces have also been fighting IS in Syria but Turkey fiercely opposes any move by Kurds to expand into territory lost by the jihadists.

Funeral for Turkish soldier

The latest fighting is likely to raise deep concerns for Turkey’s NATO ally the United States, which supports the Kurdish militia — known as the People’s Protection Units (YPG) — as an effective fighting force against IS.

The Turkish soldier was killed and three more wounded on Saturday in a rocket attack by Kurdish militia on two tanks taking part in an offensive against the pro-Kurdish forces south of Jarabulus.

Turkish media named the dead soldier as Ercan Celik, 28, and said a funeral for him would be held on Sunday in Gaziantep.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was due to visit the city on Sunday to express condolences for last weekend’s suicide bombing there at a Kurdish wedding that left 54 dead.

Turkey’s NTV television reported that Turkish artillery had struck YPG targets throughout the night and that Turkish warplanes had carried out new bombing sorties on Sunday morning.

Turkish forces carried out their first airstrikes on pro-Kurdish positions on Saturday as part of what Ankara is calling “Operation Euphrates Shield”.

Turkey says that the YPG — which it regards as the Syrian branch of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) — has failed to stick to a promise to return across the Euphrates River after advancing west this month despite guarantees given by Washington.

Ankara fears the emergence of a contiguous autonomous Kurdish region in Syria would bolster the PKK rebels across the border in southeast Turkey.

Ankara’s military intervention in Syria has added another dimension to the country’s complex multi-front war, a devastating conflict that has killed more than 290,000 people and forced millions from their homes since it began in March 2011.

Much of the heaviest fighting this summer has focused on second city Aleppo, which is roughly divided between rebel forces and President Bashar Assad’s troops.

Push for 48-hour ceasefire

Global powers have been pushing for 48-hour humanitarian ceasefires in the embattled city and UN Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura has urged warring parties to announce by Sunday whether they will commit to a pause in the fighting.

The UN says it has “pre-positioned” aid to go to the city for some 80,000 people.

Russia, which backs Assad’s forces, has endorsed the proposal.

But some rebel groups have rejected the plan unless aid passes through opposition-held areas and the ceasefire applies to other areas of Syria under siege.

Opposition groups have repeatedly called for an end to regime sieges of rebel-held areas, accusing Assad’s government of using “starve or surrender” tactics.

On Saturday, the last rebel fighters were evacuated from the town of Daraya just outside Damascus, under a deal that followed a brutal four-year government siege.

Hundreds of fighters and their families were bused north into rebel-held territory in Idlib province, with other civilians transferred to government territory near Damascus for resettlement.

The Syrian army said it was in complete control of the town, from which roughly 8,000 civilians were due to be evacuated.

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Obama håller på att ge över kontrollen av Internet till FN för att begränsa det fria ordet (och kritiken mot Islam)

Source: URGENT!!! Tell your representatives to stop Obama’s unilateral surrender of control of the internet to the UN & 56-nation Organization of Islamic Cooperation

[I’m leaving this at the top for a few days because of its dire importance. Please share with as many Americans as possible]

Obama has NO right to do this. Obama does not own the internet even though America invented it. Unless Congress stops him before October 1st, foreign governments will control the internet and have the ability to censor free speech. This is treason and only you can stop him, America.

Black Pigeon Speaks

Here is the Bill:

Article with more info:

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Detta behöver du veta om varför ISIS torterar Yazidikvinnor

5 Things You Should Know About ISIS-Tortured Yazidi Women, Clarion Project, Codi Robertson. August 28, 2016

Mauritania-Slave-Girl-HP(Illustrative photo: Video screenshot)

1. The violence against the Yazidi people stem from ISIS members’ view that they are infidels. “My own community has been subject to more than 74 genocides by radical Muslim groups, not just now but throughout the history such as the Ottomans and others. These radical groups, whenever given the chance, will commit their crimes. What happened in Iraq and Syria was that the world remained silent as ISIS expanded,” said Nadia Murad, a young Yazidi sex slave survivor.

2. ISIS keeps a price list for the young women to be sold as sex slaves.  The list includes a price for girls ages 1-9 years of age – $169.21, the highest-priced group.  Once abducted, the Yazidi (and Christian) women and girls are forced to undergo “virginity tests” and then are sent to be traded in “slave bazaars.”

3. Women who try to make themselves less desirable to their captors, by either rubbing dirt on their faces or telling lies that their younger brothers are their sons results in them being beaten nearly to death. One Yazidi teenager who had been repeatedly raped set herself on fire to make her less desirable to her captors.  If the women refuse to have sex with their captors, they are killed as were 19 Yazidi women back in July.  The 19 women were placed inside an iron cage and burned alive.

4. In Germany where a large number of Yazidi refugees are, there now exists a special program to assist Yazidi women who were raped and tortured by ISIS members.  The program is run by trauma psychologist, university professor and Mideast expert, Jan Ilhan Kizilhan, and currently assists 1,100 women who were selected by Kizilhan.

5. As of August 17th, government officials in Toronto are being urged toresettle 400 Yazidi women and their families, who escaped the clutches of ISIS, in Canada.  This follows Canada’s acceptance of some 25,000 refugees. Of the more than 6,500 women and children who were taken into captivitytwo years ago in Iraq, more than 3,500 remain in captivity.

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Geert Wilders: Stäng alla moskéer i Holland och förbjud Koranen (om ni vill behålla demokratin)

Geert Wilders: Close All Mosques In The Netherlands

by Chris Tomlinson

27 Aug 2016

Source: Geert Wilders: Close All Mosques In The Netherlands


Leader of Netherlands’ most popular party Geert Wilders has proposed a closure of all Mosques in the country and a total ban on the Koran ahead of the 2017 general election.

Leader of the populist Party for Freedom (PVV) Geert Wilders has proposed the most radical anti-Islamisation platform for any party in European politics. Wilders, whose PVV are currently top of all major polls in the Netherlands, has declared that the new platform for the party ahead of the general elections in 2017 will include the plan to close all Mosques in the country and place a ban on the Islamic holy book, the Koran. Wilders claims that the move is to counter the Islamisation he sees ongoing in the country reports Belgian paperDemorgen.

The PVV platform for the 2017 election was released by Wilders first via his Twitter account and carried the theme of “de-Islamisation.”  The PVV states that it would like to see not only a closure of all the mosques in the country and a ban on the Koran but also a ban on the Islamic headscarf for women in any public setting. Asylum seekers were also mentioned by the document which wants to repeal all temporary residency permits for all asylum seekers and close all asylum centres in the country.

Like many countries in Europe the Netherlands has had an issue with it’s citizens who have gone off to fight for the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq returning home. The PVV is clear on its position regarding these current or former Islamic State fighters saying that any ISIS members will not be allowed to return to the Netherlands.

The new platform makes a sharp increase in pressure from the party against Islamisation. During the last parliamentary campaign the PVV proposed to allow up to a thousand asylum seekers into the country per year. The ongoing migrant crisis and multiple acts of terror in European cities over the past few months has influenced the opinion of Wilders and the party who are known as one of the toughest on Islamism in Europe.

Wilders himself says he is, “incredibly proud of the draft,” of the party platform and reaffirmed his commitment to follow the United Kingdom out of the European Union. Wilders has long been an advocate of getting the Netherlands out of the political bloc who he claims stifle any meaningful asylum of immigration policy passed by the Dutch parliament.

Earlier this year writing exclusively for Breitbart London Wilders called for a “Patriot Spring” across Europe and North America. As Austrian Freedom Party presidential candidate Norbert Hofer leads in polls ahead of the October 2nd Austrian Presidential election, the German Alternative for Germany have become the 3rd largest party in Germany and Wilders PVV  are projected to win at least ten seats more than the current ruling party, the patriot spring may have begun.

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