Tel Aviv, Israel – Massive offensive ability developed by IAF during last years


(WAPA) – It doesn’t surprise Israel, ever on the American side in preventive destruction of Iranian nuclear sites, is ready to strike another attack thanks to its modern IAF (Israeli Air Force) almost definitely conceived for this long-range missions.

More revelations today (February 27, 2012) seems to be the umpteenth force demonstration and also a warning to Iran which, as well-known, is recently under the world attentions due to the oil economic situation upon which Iran premptory imposed vetoes operating an aggressive policy as much of American to reply to Western coercion.

The situation is also complicated more by the recent development of Iranian nuclear technology that, despite last decades raids (in fact, Israel already bombed some neighbouring regions already in 1981, striking the Iraqi reactor in Osirak, near Baghdad, and recently a Syrian plant in 2007), seems to be concluded (about it, it could be useful to read something about IAEA declarations (International Atomic Energy Agency) reported in this AVIONEWS).

Israeli Air Force, moreover, is conceived since two decades at least expressly for this kind of missions, including the most advanced versions of American 4Th generation fighters such as F-15S and F-16, the latter particularly is completely fitted with national technology by Israeli and take the designation of F-16I “Sufa”, conceived to improve the range and able of a remarkable weaponry for strategic strikes, also able to oppose an excellent air deterrent thanks to modern air-to-air medium to short range missiles, such as the AIM-120 Amraam and the latest version (the “X” one) of the AIM-9 Sidewinder.


For more information about technical specification of this aircraft, is also possible to read about the recent supply purchased by United Emirates and Pakistan, described in the following AVIONEWS.

Om Peter

Benjamin Netanyahu: "We've seen this before. There was a master race. Now there's a master faith." - "Islam is as dangerous in a man as rabies in a dog." Sir Winston Churchill
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