IDF stärker gränsen mot Sinai

IDF to Deploy Observation Balloons along Egyptian Border – Ilan Ben Zion
Because of their success on the Gaza border, the IDF has now decided to station observer balloons on the increasingly problematic Egyptian frontier, Israel Channel 10 TV reported Wednesday. The balloons, equipped with electronic surveillance technology, give IDF intelligence 360 degrees of high-definition visibility for up to eight km. (five miles). They also gather meteorological data.
”In the last week, our [balloon] networks cooperated to no small degree with IDF artillery and the air force to destroy no small number of launchers and terrorist cells,” said Captain Shahar Golbary, commander of the Gaza Division’s balloon unit. ”When the terrain is flat the balloon can alert us long before the forces arrive at a specific point.” Earlier this week, an Israeli military official said that terrorist cells in Gaza now have mere moments before they are spotted and targeted by Israeli missiles, thanks to a streamlined intelligence network and more readily available firepower. (Times of Israel)

Israel Air Force Shortens Response Time When Sighting Gaza Rocket Cells – Mitch Ginsburg
Rocket-launching terror squads in Gaza used to have several minutes to set up their weapons, shoot them and disappear before Israel could muster any counter action. Today, an Israeli military official says, the cells have mere moments before they are spotted and targeted. ”If in the past it would take a considerable amount of time from sighting (a terror squad) until being able to fire on them, meaning that you would lose (sight of) the squad, today that hardly ever happens,” said an Israel Air Force official. In the most recent round of confrontation, six squads were successfully targeted while trying to fire on Israel. (Times of Israel)

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