Den arabiska våren har omöjliggjort en tvåstatslösning

Arab Spring Punctures Two-State Solution – Amir Taheri
The Arab Spring has punctured many ideas about Middle Eastern politics – including the ”two-state solution” to the Arab-Israeli conflict. The ”two-state” formula was always based on two questionable assumptions: 1) that Palestinians regarded themselves as a nation in a world of nation-states and wished to create a state of their own; 2) that creating a Palestinian state was something that Israel acting alone could magically make happen.
The Arab Spring has seriously shaken the first assumption by revitalizing pan-Islamism, with the ultimate goal of restoring the caliphate. The pan-Islamist movement has never been interested in the creation of a Palestinian state. In fact, in 1947-48 pan-Islamists repeatedly asserted that their goal was not the creation of a Palestinian state, but the liberation of Muslim territory occupied by the ”infidel.” They didn’t want a Palestinian state; they wanted the destruction of the Jewish state.
Last week, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh spelled out the pan-Islamist position when he announced he would lead a delegation to Cairo to invite Egypt’s new president, Mohammad Morsi, to give a boost to ”the struggle to revive the caliphate.”  (New York Post)
Arab Spring: A Blessing for Hamas – Khaled Abu Toameh
Thanks to the ”Arab Spring,” Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal has, for the first time ever, entered the Presidential Palace in Cairo. Until recently, Mashaal and other Hamas leaders were consideredpersonae non gratae in both Jordan and Egypt. The rising power of Hamas makes any talk about a peace process sound like a joke. (Gatestone Institute)

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