Det ömsesidiga våldet i Syrien fördjupas

Syrian Government Blamed for Ballistic Missile Attack in Aleppo – Ben Hubbard and Hwaida Saad
A missile attack by government forces on the Bab al-Neirab neighborhood in Aleppo, home to the headquarters of a number of rebel brigades, killed at least 29 people, including 19 children, Syrian monitors said Saturday. Assad’s forces have stepped up the use of such missiles, which often reduce city blocks to rubble, a strategy that analysts say suggests that the military lacks sufficient infantry to accomplish its goals. (New York Times)

Syrian Soldiers’ Mass Execution Reported – Hania Mourtada and Rick Gladstone
Islamist extremists in Syria killed 150 soldiers in an Aleppo suburb this week, including 51 who were executed after they had surrendered, according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which sympathizes with the opposition. A video dated Wednesday showed what appeared to be an execution ground, with dozens of lifeless bodies clumped against a wall pockmarked with bullet holes. Rami Abdulrahman, the Syrian Observatory founder, said the killers were members of the Nusra Front and Ansar al-Khalafa al-Islamiya Brigade. (New York Times)

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