Enligt diplomater från Kuwait är USA:s angrepp bara några timmar borta

Kuwaiti diplomats: US assault on Syria just hours away | JPost | Israel News.

08/31/2013 09:52
According to Israel Radio, Kuwaiti press quotes sources in the Gulf as saying that Washington will launch strikes against Syria from bases in Turkey and Cyprus.

Obama discusses Syria in PBS interview

Obama discusses Syria in PBS interview Photo: YouTube Screenshot

With debate raging over the proper response to President Bashar Assad’s purported use of chemical weapons against innocent civilians near Damascus 10 days ago, a US-led assault on Syria is just hours away, Arab media sources said over the weekend.

According to Israel Radio, the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas quoted diplomatic sources in the Gulf on Saturday as saying that Washington will launch strikes against Syria from a number of bases, including those in Turkey and Cyprus.

Another Kuwaiti daily, Al-Rai, cites sources as indicating that Assad has instructed his armed forces to use all means necessary – including chemical arms – if and when his country comes under attack. The news item was posted on Israel Radio’s website and first reported by its Arab language correspondent.

Meanwhile, Iran continues to bolster its ally, the Assad government, in its quest to squash a rebel-led campaign to unseat it. According to Israel Radio, the BBC reported that the chairman of the Iranian parliament’s foreign affairs and defense committee, Aladdin Burucerdi, visited the Damascus to reassure the regime of Tehran’s support.

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