IDF är berädda och cirklar över Libanons luftrum

IDF bolsters troops; IAF circles Lebanon sky – Israel News, Ynetnews.

Gearing for possible US attack on Syria, IDF is bolstering troops in north, deploying defense systems in center. ‘If Syria is attacked, Zionists will be attacked,’ Iran army chief says

Roi Kais

Published: 08.31.13, 17:01 / Israel News

The IDF is bolstering forces in the north, in preparation for a possible attack by the US, Lebanese media reported Saturday, referring more specifically to areas in front of the blue line in east south Lebanon and upper Galilee and the Golan Heights.

According to reports, IAF planes are continually circling above the same areas in south Lebanon.

In addition, the IDF deployed all missile defense systems.

On Friday, the IDF deployed an Iron Dome battery in the Tel Aviv Metropolitan area. For the first time the battery is facing north.

The system was deployed as a precaution ahead of possible Syrian retaliation to a potential US strike.

Iron Dome, Hetz and Patriot missile defense were also deployed in the north.

A security official told AFP Saturday that Syria expected a military attack “at any moment,” just hours after UN experts probing a suspected gas attack blamed on the regime left the country.

Iranian army’s Chief of Staff Hassan Firuzabadi said that “If Syria is attacked, the Zionists will be attacked,” the Fars news agency reported.

President Barack Obama said on Friday the chemical weapons attack in Syria threatened US allies Israel, Turkey and Jordan and that while “nobody ends up being more war weary than me” he is considering a narrow, limited US response.

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