Imam med egen moské i Saudi Arabien sålde narkotika och våldtog pojkar

Preacher found to be drug dealer, rapist


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Published Wednesday, November 27, 2013

An Imam in Saudi Arabia for many years has been revealed as a drug dealer and a paedophile.

Members of Saudi Arabia’s religious police arrested the 27-year-old preacher at his mosque in the Western Saudi Red Sea port of Jeddah after one of his victims reported that he was raped by the preacher many times.

“They told the boy to pretend he was going to see the preacher.

“They then raided the mosque and found a large amount of drugs,” Sabq daily said.

“He confessed that he was selling drugs to customers at and also told them he had sodomised that boy many times.”

Om Peter

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Detta inlägg publicerades i Saudiarabien, Sunni islam. Bokmärk permalänken.


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