Vad är det av Hamas budskap våra journalister inte förstår?

”Annihilate Israel,” Hamas Leaders Tell Gaza Youth
A graduation ceremony for a Hamas youth camp in Gaza aired on Al-Aqsa TV [Gaza] on January 16, 2014:
Announcer: We are the vanguard to be joined by Arab and Islamic armies – from Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, and Egypt, and from every country that turns toward Jerusalem to liberate it.
Camp Graduate: Our message to the Zionist enemy, everywhere and at any time, is this: You shall never enjoy a pleasant life on our beloved homeland. We, the sons of the ”Futuwwa” youth camps, will confront you on every hill, in every valley, and on every road. Nothing awaits you here but to be killed.
Hamas Interior Minister Fathi Hammad: This generation, Allah willing, will vanquish Israel….Let me congratulate you on your future victory, and on the annihilation of Israel….You will harvest the enemies of Allah in the battle to come.
Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniya: We shall walk in [the Prophet’s] footsteps in educating the future generation to love death for the sake of Allah as much as our enemies love life. This is the generation that will be qualified for liberation, victory, return, and independence. Woe betide you, oh sons of Zion….This is the generation of stone, the generation of the missile, the generation of tunnels, and the generation of martyrdom operations. (MEMRI)

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