Hur kommer Rouhani att instruera Abu Mazen?

Report: PA Chairman Abu Mazen will be invited to meet Rouhani in Tehran – jerusalemonline.

In the background of the Hamas movement supporting the rebels in Syria, Iran chose to severe ties with the Sunni terrorist organization and to find a new ally, the Fatah movement.

Jan 30, 2014, 10:54AM | Rachel Avraham
Best friends now? Rouhani and Abu Mazen
Best friends now? Rouhani and Abu Mazen. Photo Credit: AP
 As the United States focuses on efforts within the region to establish its influence based on peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, a new/old player in the region, Iran, is interested in strengthening its influence in the Middle East.

 Since Tuesday, senior level Palestinian Authority official Jibril Rajoub is in Iran, on behalf of Palestinian Authority chairman Abu Mazen, where he will meet with a series of senior level Iranian officials.  By the means of Rajoub, Abu Mazen delivered a personal letter to Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani, which surveyed the internal Palestinian arena in regards to the negotiations existing with Israel under American auspices.

Palestinian sources stated this morning in the Al Quds Al Arabi newspaper that Iran is even expected to invite Abu Mazen for an official visit in Tehran, as the strengthened relations between Tehran and the Palestinian Authority develop.  This visit is the result of intensive contacts arranged recently between the two sides in the framework of Iranian attempts to become involved with pressing regional issues.

Zarif and Rajoub met in Tehran
Zarif and Rajoub met in Tehran. Photo Credit: Channel 2

Iran severed relations with Hamas

 Another thing that brought about the warming of relations between Iran and the Palestinian Authority is Hamas distancing itself from the Hamas movement in Gaza, because of its support for the rebel movement in Syria.  Unlike Hamas, the Islamic Republic supports the Assad regime and is interested in him maintaining power.  Therefore, Iran stopped financially supporting Hamas and cut off all contact with the Sunni Islamist terrorist organization.  Therefore, representatives of Fatah and Iran were quick to establish new lines of communication between them.

Sources in Tehran stated that Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who was the first to meet with Rajoub, stressed Iran’s readiness to support the Palestinian Authority and the Fatah movement.  Fatah and Iran announced the opening of a “new page,” to the great alarm of the State of Israel.

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