Spanien: Muslimsk kapten i rätten för att ha kastat sex kristna flyktingar överbord (endast toppen på isberget har blivit synlig)

Spain: Muslim boat captain on trial for pushing six Christian refugees overboard, Creeping Sharia, October 2, 2016


Source: A refugees’ boat captain on trial for pushing six Christian refugees overboard

A boat captain face trial for throwing six Christian refugees overboard and murdering them. The boat carrying refugees was sailing towards Spain, when the Christian refugees were thrown into the sea on the pretext of their prayers. The incident took place in December, 2014 when the boat captain and his second in command severely beat the Christian refugees before throwing them overboard.

The boat captain identified as Alain NB, a Muslim was guiding the boat from Morocco to Spain via sea route. One of the surviving refugees stated that the captain “blamed the rough seas which were rocking the boat on the prayer led by a Catholic pastor” and “believed that the weather worsened every time they prayed.”

The prosecutors in Almeria, Spain, however argue that Alain NB should be handed a prison sentence of 90 years after being convicted of the crime. They argue that imprisonment of 15 years for each of the charges brought against him.Witnesses say that the captain and his second in command beat the six Christian refugees with wooden boards, before throwing into the rough waters. This was an inflatable boat which had a capacity of 50 men, which headed towards Spain. Dead bodies of one refugees was found off the off the coast of Granada after a week of the incident.

Moreover, the boat captain was also accused of searching the refugees for crosses and jewelry which would identify them as Christian. He was accused of singling those confirmed to be Christians for bashing. However, his second in command died in Spain, before the trail begun. During the trial the prosecution said Alain NB “was aware that the victims could not possibly survive and that they would die, either by drowning, from the cold, or from the physical injuries they had suffered.

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