Klockan som bevisar att UNESCO har fel

Oct 13, 2016

UNESCO’s imminent vote in support of a resolution denying the Jewish connection to Jerusalem differs from the archaeological evidence.

Among the continuous archaeological findings demonstrating that the Land of Israel is the ancient Jewish homeland, including in the Old City of Jerusalem, was the discovery of a golden bell that the High Priest wore while serving at the Holy Temple.

The United Nations Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (UNESCO) is scheduled to pass a resolution denying any Jewish connection to Jerusalem and, specifically, the Temple Mount – Judaism’s holiest site, where the two Holy Temples stood.

In fact, many archaeological treasures dating back to the Holy Temple have been destroyed by the Jordanian Waqf(Muslim Trust), which has authority over the Temple Mount site.

Watch this video about the golden bell found in archaeological excavations and its historic significance.


Om Peter

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