Pennsylvania vapenaffär säljer inte vapen till muslimer och Hillary anhängare


An advertisement for a Pennsylvania gun store warns potential customers that Muslims and supporters of Hillary Clinton, who are ”terrorists” in the store’s parlance, are not welcome.

“Please NO Muslims or Hillary Supporters — We do not feel safe selling to terrorists!” Altra Firearms in Jackson Center, Pennsylvania advertised in local papers this week.

The “Politically Incorrect Firearms” store also invited readers to “Visit our underground bunker and speak with our unique and deplorable sales associates.”

PA gun store ad: ”please no Muslims or Hillary supporters. We do not feel safe selling to terrorists”

Altra Firearms’ owner Paul Chandler, 54, told TPM Friday that he’s had a sign in front of his store advertising that supporters of President Obama aren’t welcome to come inside, either.

“We did have, in three-foot letters, ‘No radical Muslims,’ but I changed that to ‘No Muslims,’ period,” Chandler said in a phone interview, noting rhetoric from Iranian television motivated the change.

“They’re saying that America is the great Satan and it’s got to be destroyed. They’re basically teaching that if it’s an infidel, either they convert or kill them. And that’s what they’re doing in our country now,” he said, comparing the actions of modern Islamic nations to the expansion of Muslim influence into Europe before the Crusades.

“If the gun store in Florida wouldn’t have sold to that man, there’s be 40 or 50 more people alive,” he continued, referring to Omar Mateen, who killed 49 people in Orlando when he opened fire in an LGBT nightclub in June.

Chandler told TPM he’s never actually denied service to any Muslims or Clinton supporters, although he said he’d told one woman with an Obama bumper sticker on her car that the store was closed. He also said he’d denied service to one man who told him “I hate niggers, I want a gun.”

Chandler said he didn’t extend the same blanket ban to potential Christian customers after a series of abortion clinic bombings years ago because “hundreds of Christian preachers got up and said ‘that is wrong.’”

“Do you hear any Muslim clerics condemning what is going on today?” he asked. “I haven’t heard one.”

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