Blir Nigel Farage Donald Trumps rådgivare i frågor om EU? – Skämtar själv om att bli USA:s ambassadör i EU :-)

UK politician Nigel Farage (pic) will be happy to serve as an ambassador if Donald Trump is elected.
UK politician Nigel Farage (pic) will be happy to serve as an ambassador if Donald Trump is elected.

UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage would be happy to accept a job in Donald Trump’s administration if the Republican candidate is named US president.

Farage, who has supported Trump on the campaign trail and gave a speech on stage at one of the billionaire’s rallies, said he would ”rather like to be his ambassador to the EU”m during an appearance on broadcaster ITV’s current affairs programme The Agenda on Tuesday.

”This election is very simple, it’s rather like Brexit,” Farage told presenter Robert Peston, referring to this country’s vote in June to split with the European Union.

”Do you want a change, or do you want to stay exactly as you are?

”If he did offer me a job, I would quite like to be his ambassador to the European Union,” he said. ”I think I would do that job very well.”

Farage resigned as head of anti-EU party UKIP after the Brexit referendum, telling reporters: ”During the referendum campaign I said, I want my country back. What I’m saying today is, I want my life back.”

But the Brexit campaigner has returned as UKIP’s interim leader during the party’s second leadership race this year, after Diane James quit the role after just 18 days.

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