Gradraketer mot Ashdod

2 Grad rockets fired towards Ashdod – Israel News, Ynetnews.


Iron Dome intercepts one rocket, while another explodes near southern town; Earlier, four Qassam rockets hit nearby southern communities

Ynet Reporters

Latest Update: 12.09.11, 17:21 / Israel News
The barrage of rockets on southern Israeli communities continued on Friday afternoon with two Grad rockets being fired towards Ashdod from the Gaza Strip. The Iron Dome defense system intercepted one of the rockets, while the other exploded in the vicinity. 

The security forces began searching the region for the explosion site. It was not immediately clear whether injuries or damage were caused.


The Color Red alert system went off in Gedera, the Beer Tuvia Regional Council and other area towns.
שובלי "כיפת ברזל" בין העננים באשדוד הערב, כפי שצילמה תושבת העיר

Intercepted rocket’s tracks in afternoon sky (reader photo)


“We knew this was going to be a stormy Satruday,” Milan Wisebloom, an Ashdod resident, told Ynet. “We are ready for the Grad rockets, but (the IDF) must embark on a military operation in Gaza. Everything depends on the government, but they’re afraid of the global outcry.”


Earlier Friday, around 3 pm, a Qassam fired from the Strip exploded in an open area in the Eshkol Regional Council; around noon, two Qassam rockets hit the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council.


The morning saw a Qassam rocket exploding in an open area in the Shaar Hanegev Regional Council. A Color Red alarm sounded in the area.


No injuries or damage were reported in the attacks.


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