Iran hotar USA och Israel med denna nya video

Publicerades den 10 apr. 2017

Message to Trump Netanyahu ISIS (from Hezbollah Axis) — Bring your 1 Million Member Army 🙂 — –
Hezbollah Axis 2015 2016 2017 – إنتصر محور حزب الله
Surely the party of God will be Victorious – Quran
Hezbollah Axis – We Will Defeat Great Satan – محور حزب الله
سنهزم الشيطان الأكبر أمريكا-إسرائيل-داعش
Hezbollah Axis 2015 (10,000,000+ Soldiers)
Syraq equals Syria & Iraq, & its Shia Land
Shia World Population: 300,000,000+
– Against Fascism-Terrorism-Zionist-Nazi USA-EU-Takfiris Axis
SSF – Shadow Special Forces 2015
Axis of Resistance – 1 ManPower
Hezbollah Axis 2015 – Drones, Ballistic Missiles, Tanks, Aras Humvees, Anti-UFO-AirCraft Missiles, Stealth Drones & Tanks, Rockets, New Missiles 1 Ton WarHeads Burkan 😉
1 Hezbollah Warrior
Hezbollah Looks better than the EU USA Etc World Commandos
SSF – Shadow Special Forces – الأشباح
USR – United States of Resistance
SSF – Shia Special Forces
Axis of Resistance
Axis of Resistance – Shia Geostrategists
A Geostrategic Fact – Shia Geopolitics
Axis of Resistance (Drone Battalion)
We Will Exterminate All Sly Nuclear Fascists Terrorists Imperialists Terrorist Christians Terrorist Muslims Terrorist Jews & All Terrorist Islamic Zombies Etc Around the World.
We Fight For our True Democracy & Freedom of our People in the Resistance Axis.

The Hezbollah Axis Warriors are consisted of Sunni Christian Hindu Buddhist Islamic Sikh Jewish Warriors against Fascism Terrorism Imperialism from Israel AlQaeda USA Nazis Europeans Wahabi AxisEtc

Axis of Evil & Proud
Martyrdom or Victory

U.S.R. – United States of Resistance (ICBM Battalion)

Etats-Unis de Résistance

Hezbollah Axis New Flag 2015

Ground Smart Ballistic Missiles that can hit Submarines wherever they are

Lebanon Iran Syria New Iraq Bahrain Azerbaijan Kuwait Eastern Arabia Yemen Qatif Karbala Freedom & Liberty eurasian union russia china india turkey australia usa liban syria modern persia iran nuclear super power new stealth الشيعة air missile marine New iranian navy technology superior to anyone in this universe UFO Alien Chiite Shiite transformers Hezbollah Axis Sayed Muqtada AlSadr project done X-7 Nukes Sayed Hassan Nasrallah new hi tech technology Iranian DJ Beirut Belgique Brazil Tokyo ВДВ ФСБ c SIA v meste Baalbeck Moscow Tehran Shanghai New Delhi Lebanon Iran usa russia china liban india FSB Mossad Hezbollah Wahabi Fsa terrorists fascists american wahabi british israeli western nazi nato alliance FBI CIA SIA modern shia nuclear powered space craft project x7 alpha Mission Impossible Metal Gear Solid Salem Zahran Rafik Nasrallah رفيق نصرالله ابو عزرائيل – الا طحين sami yusuf jannati putin trump

Shia Axis has much better medical quality care into Emergency Care than Brussels, the Highest Peak of Western Civilization AlQaeda Capital

Your western governments have made professional legislating Propaganda to create Daech in our Shia State, now its our turn, We have won the Psychological War & Physical War

Nigeria is capable of making an African Force of Hezbollah African Special Forces, of 100,000+ Shia Hard-Core Soldiers,
That would be a Major Force confronting Takfiris-Nazis-Zionists -Fascists-Terrorists in All Africa.
Nigeria, it will preserve your Christian & Moderate Muslims, Do it now, Make relations with Iran, & Create this African Army Now

Tell me Daech & all your alikes, What do you know about Islam that you insult us like that? How can you prove we are Kafirs? Thats because youre just idiots from caves

The Peace Treaty rules between Egypt & Israel, was the signing of the Death Certificate to Egypt.
Given on a smily golden plate. Sinai, will turn into a Salafi Kingdom that will destroy all the colors of Egypt, the Project of Israel on the side of Egypt is taking its turn, we Crushed that project on the Hezbollah Axis lines

Egypt will become a Salafi Threat in the future, since the majority voted for Salafis Wahabis Terrorists Fascists, now its just a mask on the face of Egypt,

Send 100,000+ Medium Range Missiles for the Shia Houthis Special Forces, to be facing north on Saudi Arabia, & South on Southern Yemen, Strike Southern Yemen, with all long range & medium & low range missiles & destroy all the wahabi cities in southern yemen, & control it, & put Missiles on the Yemen Mediterenean Sea Passage with ground to sea missiles & getting paid Taxes for the passages for the Shia Yemenis, Control all of Yemen, & Exterminate All Wahabi Cities, & give them not stealth drones, with Missiles & keep everyday killing terrorists fascists until they say Shia is Allah

We will just see if Egypt takes a right decision, Sisi, took the right 1st steps in Decisions, we will see what signs, & next steps he will take, & the people of egypt will take

Shia Protectors

Always Victorious.


Om Peter

Benjamin Netanyahu: "We've seen this before. There was a master race. Now there's a master faith." - "Islam is as dangerous in a man as rabies in a dog." Sir Winston Churchill
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