– skrämmande att terrorism snart börjar upplevas som något normalt

BBC: Terrorism begins to feel like the new normal

4 June 2017 | 11:43 | FOCUS News Agency

BBC: Terrorism begins to feel like the new normalPicture: AFP

London. With three attacks in three months terrorism against soft targets is beginning to feel, to some people, like the new normal, reported BBC.
The brutal reality is that this kind of threat is absolutely typical of what jihadists sought to achieve in all their attacks across Europe.
Since 2013 security services in the UK have foiled 18 plots.
A large proportion of those have involved suspects who set out to commit acts of violence similar to the attack on Westminster Bridge and London Bridge.
Plans to use bombs, such as at Manchester Arena, are rarer because plotters need to have the technical skills for such an appalling attack.
But attacking people with cars and knives is far easier and had long been encouraged by the so-called Islamic State group and other jihadists.
The aim of the three attackers last night is abundantly clear – not only did they want to kill, but they almost wanted to lose their own lives.
They would’ve known full well that attacking people in the street would draw armed police in their direction and the fake bomb belts they were wearing would, in their own warped minds, hasten their demise.

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