Om man bortser från Trumps retorik så har han inte gjort något olagligt

Turley: When You Separate Trump’s Rhetoric From What He Has Done, He Has Complied With the Law, BreitbartJeff Poor, July 3, 2017


Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” George Washington University law professor downplayed the suggestion President Donald Trump has acted above the law as commander-in-chief.

According to Turley, despite what The New York Times had suggested over the weekend with its annotated version of the U.S. Constitution, Turley said Trump has actually complied with the law.

“There is a narrative that we are in a constitutional crisis,” Turley said. “I’ve been very critical of this president with regard to his tweets, which I think are unpresidential. And I don’t think are very helpful to his administration. But, when you separate the rhetoric from what the president has actually done, he actually has complied with the law. You know, when immigration orders went against him, he complied. He appealed. When the sanctuary cities cases, rulings went against him, he complied. So his history is actually staying within the navigational beacons of the constitution. So, you do have to separate in terms of what is actually happening to what has been said. That doesn’t excuse what’s been said. But, when you look at what The New York Times has suggested in its editorial, it, I believe, gets way ahead of its skis in terms of where we are in this country.”


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