Jordaniens parlament prisar terroristerna en dag efter att Jordaniens kung fördömt attacken på Tempelberget – Sådana terrorister har Israel som grannar

Jordanian parliament praises Temple Mount terrorists

Day after King Abdullah condemns attack, Amman blames the ‘occupation,’ prays for soul of ‘martyrs’

July 16, 2017, 10:55 pm

Israeli police check the scene and surround a dead body (foreground) where Israeli Arab attackers shot and killed two Israeli policemen on the Temple Mount on July 14, 2017.( AFP PHOTO / THOMAS COEX)

Israeli police check the scene and surround a dead body (foreground) where Israeli Arab attackers shot and killed two Israeli policemen on the Temple Mount on July 14, 2017. (AFP PHOTO / THOMAS COEX)

The Jordanian parliament on Sunday praised the terrorists who carried out a shooting attack at the Temple Mount that killed two Israeli police officers, less than a day after King Abdullah II condemned the attack.

The parliament also criticized Israel for closing the Temple Mount, known to Muslims as Haram al-Sharif (Noble Sanctuary), and prayed for the souls of the three terrorists who carried out the attack, Jordanian media reported.

“May the mercy of Allah be upon our martyrs who sowed and watered the pure land,” said Parliament Speaker Atef Tarawneh. “We will raise our heads through the sacrifice of the young Palestinians who are still fighting in the name of the nation.”

He blessed the families of the three cousins, Muhammad Ahmed Muhammad Jabarin, 29; Muhammad Hamad Abdel Latif Jabarin, 19 and Muhammad Ahmed Mafdal Jabarin, 19, who carried out the attack.

“May Allah have mercy on our young people, members of the Jabarin family, whose family members deserve to receive glory and honor,” he said.

Tarawneh blamed Israel for the attack, claiming that the “occupation” of Jerusalem and the West Bank justified the killing.

“The damage caused by the Israeli occupation to the holiest sites in Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa are the reason for the continued resistance, we will not not bow to oppression or tyranny,” he said. “Israel’s continued and serious crimes that it commits are the reason for lighting the fire of revenge in the hearts of the generation who still receive hatred of the occupation as their inheritance.”

The parliament endorsed Abdullah’s call to reopen the Temple Mount compound to Muslim worshipers immediately, and called on the international community to force Israel to end the “occupation and protect Palestinian rights.”

The parliament stood as a prayer was recited for the souls of the “martyrs” who carried out the terror attack.

On Saturday night, Abdullah had spoken to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and condemned the attack.

According to the official Petra News Agency, the Jordanian king slammed those who “undermine security and stability” and pave the way for further violence during the call, in an apparent reference to the Arab Israeli gunmen.

The terrorists, used two Carlo-style submachine guns and a pistol to carry out Friday’s attack. One of them also tried to stab an officer.

After the shooting, the gunmen fled toward the Temple Mount and other officers gave chase. The police then opened fire, shooting one or more of the attackers dead inside the complex.

In footage released by police Friday, the gunmen can be seen running armed from the Temple Mount into an alleyway where the officers, Haiel Sitawe, 30 and Kamil Shnaan, 22, were stationed, and shooting them.


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