How UN Watch Fought Dictators in 2019

How UN Watch Fought Dictators in 2019

How UN Watch fought dictatorships & defended human rights heroes, victims & dissidents in 2019:

✅ Leading world opposition to the Syrian Assad regime’s obscene presidency of the U.N. Disarmament Conference;

✅ Exposing Cuban regime’s cheating on U.N. human rights review;

✅ Taking the floor at UNHRC to debunk the Big Tent Theory which defends electing regimes like Maduro, Putin & Castro because they’ll ”learn & improve”;

✅ Defending 1 million Uighurs thrown into ”re-education” camps by Communist China;

✅ Creating global platforms for courageous human rights dissidents from Syria, Turkey, Burundi, China & Venezuela.UN Watch: Fighting to defend the true principles of human rights.

Posted by UN Watch on Monday, December 30, 2019

Om Peter

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