FN:s värsta missar 2015

UN Watch’s Top 10 Worst U.N. Decisions of 2015

1. U.N. elects Saudi Arabia to behead of Human Rights Council panel

2. UN re-elects Syria to leadership post on Decolonization Committee, fighting ”subjugation of peoples”

3. Paris attacks: U.N. rights expert blames US, West, Israel

4. Algerian rep who tried to muzzle UN rights experts is himself elected a UN rights expert

5. U.N. Covers Up Peacekeeper Rape of Children in Central African Republic, Suspends Official Who Blew the Lid

6. Genocidal Sudan elected to leadership position at UNESCO

7. Bribery: Former General Assembly president arrested in UN corruption scandal

8. UNHRC elects Venezuela regime, rolls out red carpet for Maduro special address

9. Genocide warnings aside, Burundi wins seat on U.N. Human Rights Council

10. Iran elected to U.N. Women Executive Board