Hamas kommer in i FN

Hamas Set to Win Seat at UN Economic and Social Council – Gerald Steinberg
On Monday, the UN Economic and Social Council is scheduled to vote on the application of the London-based Palestinian Return Center (PRC) for accreditation as a non-governmental organization in the UN system. If the application is granted, the group’s leaders would receive open access to UN facilities in New York, Geneva and elsewhere, as well as the right to participate in committee meetings (including at the Human Rights Council).
The PRC is headed by a number of Hamas activists, including Zaher al-Birawi, Majed al-Zeer, Sheikh Majdi Akeel, Ghassan Faour and Arafat Madi Shukri. According to the Meir Amit Intelligence and Information Center, Majed al-Zeer is a ”Hamas activist affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood in Britain. He is the PRC’s General Director and a member of its Board of Trustees.” Birawi, chairman of PRC’s board of trustees, was active in dispatching convoys to Gaza through former British MP George Galloway’s organization, Viva Palestina. Akeel, a member of PRC’s board of trustees, is also an activist with Interpal, which sends money to Hamas. The writer, a professor of political studies at Bar-Ilan University, is president of NGO Monitor.(New York Post)


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