Egyptiska tidningar på Engelska

Voice of the Copts, a nonprofit organization, fights the spread of Islamic supremacy and Sharia throughout the Western world through education, advocacy and action. By drawing attention to the suffering of Coptic Christians in Egypt, it endeavors to educate the Western world as to the chilling effect of Sharia (Islamic law). Founded in 2007 by Dr. Ashraf Ramelah, Voice of the Copts focuses on three key issues: freedom of religion, cultural identity and women’s rights.

With contributors from Beirut to Jerusalem, and from Aleppo to Washington, Al-Monitor is a new media site dedicated to bringing in-depth coverage and fresh perspectives from the Middle East. The site provides reporting from a diverse array of independent media partners in Turkey, Israel, Egypt, the UAE, Iraq and throughout the Arab World. We have content partnerships with 19 news organizations in the region, and are continually adding more. Each day, our editors carefully select a diverse mix of articles to translate that are not otherwise available in the English language. The site and its many contributors around the world build on that content with insightful, original reporting and commentary including our Back Channel news blog as well as video.

Al-Ahram Weekly
Government affiliated leading Egyptian newspaper. Egypt
News reports from African sources.

Al-Masry Al-Youm
Independent news from Egypt.

Cairo Live
News on Egypt from international and Egyptian news outlets.

Daily News Egypt
Independent, privately owned newspaper featuring business, political and cultural, news and analysis, from an Egyptian perspective

Daily News Egypt, The
The only local independent daily newspaper in the English language, bundled with the International Herald Tribune.

Egypt Daily News
Provides aggregated Egyptian news from various sources.

Egypt Guide
Online magazine featuring information regarding news, business, tourism, travel, and more.

Egypt Information Portal
Official portal providing business and political information and news.

Egypt Today
Leading current affairs magazine in Egypt.

Egyptian Gazette
Middle East’s oldest English-language newspaper published in Cairo.

London-based official web site of the Muslim Brotherhood.

MEMRI: Egypt
Site of US based Middle East Media Research Institute providing analysis and translations of Arabic media reports.

Middle East News Agency (MENA)
Subscription-only news agency.

Middle East Times
Egypt-based regional magazine. Provides more or less objective reporting of Middle East and Egypt news, as well as cultural and business features.

State Information Service
Features official news stories, Cairo press review, and country background information.


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