Syriska tidningar på engelska

Nyheter på engelska från Syrien varje dag på Youtube här:

live på arabiska:


BBC News: Syria
Features country overview, key facts and events, timelines, leader profiles and news.

Cham Press
Private news agency in Damascus.

DP News
Covers Syrian, Arabic, and International issues in politics, economy, NGOs, sport as well as online video and documentaries.

Leading Syrian English language monthly current affairs magazine.

Free Syria
Syrian opposition website.

Local Coordination Committees of Syria
Breaking news about Syrian uprising.

MEMRI: Syria
Site of the Washington based pro-Israel Middle East Media Research Institute providing analysis and translations of Arabic media reports.

Ministry of Tourism
Contains comprehensive travel and tourism information.

SANA – Syrian Arab News Agency
Official news service.

Syrian Human Rights Committee
London-based independent organization disseminating reports on the human right issues in Syria.

Syria Report
Paris-based independent newspaper providing economic, business and financial information on Syria.

Syria Today
Monthly magazine dealing with current affairs, politics and culture.

Syrian Youth Movement
Website of the Syrian Youth Movement with latest news regarding the Syrian revolution from various sources.


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