Islam är bipolär

Islam is a bipolar religion.

A religion of peace, and a religion of war.

Reading through the Koran, one can pick out scores of passages from which one can support the claim that Islam is a religion of peace. One can also pick out scores of other passages from which one can support the position that Islam is a religion of perpetual jihad against infidels and hypocrites, until Islam is ”victorious over every other religion” (Koran 9:33).

Thus, Islam is a religion of peace, for those who want it to be, and Islam is a religion of war, for those who want it to be, and both positions can be fully justified by picking and choosing which passages of the Koran one wants to rely on, and ignoring (or at least not mentioning, a favored ruse of Muslim apologists) the others.

But as long as the Koran justifies Islam as a religion of war, as long as the Koran calls Muslims to war against the infidels, it cannot be, truly, a religion of peace. This is an intractable problem for Islam, and with Islam, since the Sword Verses cannot be culled, edited, ignored, or reinterpreted, without at least implicitly admitting that the Koran is not inerrantly the eternally true words of Allah, recited perfectly by the Prophet, and this admission would deconstruct the logic that sustains Islam (i.e., the inerrancy of the Koran), and lead to the end of Islam as a major religion.

This, Muslims, will not do. Muslims will not deconstruct the Koran. Muslims will not deconstruct Islam. Islam will not commit theocide by conceding that the Sword Verses are not truly the words of the Prophet, the revelation of Allah, any more than believing Christians would concede that the words of Jesus in the Gospels are fictitious.

And thus Islam will continue to exist for all the foreseeable future, openly or covertly at war with everybody else, the infidels, and at war with its own hypocrites, the liberal Muslims, the Muslims who are not Muslim enough, the Muslims who make friends of infidels. ”O Believers! make not friends of your fathers or your brethren if they love unbelief above faith . . .” Koran 9:23.

The threat of Islamic Imperialism to all other civilizations can be contained, perhaps, by the constant use of sufficient economic, political, and military pressure, but as long as the Koran is accepted as the inerrant revelation of Allah, the Koran will call Muslims to Jihad . . . ”Believers! wage war against such of the infidels as are your neighbors . . .” Koran 9:124.




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